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Do You Need PC Matic for Mac?

PC Matic is an interesting program that delivers both antivirus protection and computer optimization. Until recently, it offered services only for Windows and Android-running devices. Now, it also delivered PC Matic for Mac from BestAntivirusPro.otg. Let’s get to know more about this version of antivirus and discover if it’s worth buying.

Top 3 aspects you need to know about PC Matic for Mac

Superior security

Nontraditional algorithms and innovations let this antivirus whitelist the legit files, has fileless script blocking, and brute force attack mitigation. PC Matic for Mac also delivers several optimization tools like patch management, driver updates, etc.

Made in the USA

The company takes great pride in the fact that it’s been developed and tested in the USA. While some rival companies outsource the product and divide its creation between several teams, this antivirus solution was developed all in one piece to increase the reliability and security.

SuperShield Whitelist

PC Matic for Mac uses SuperShield Whitelist technology. It’s a real-time security tech that keeps your Mac safe from any online threats. It uses cloud computing to whitelist trustworthy files. In case you use the file that hasn’t been listed, the software will send you the notification that it’s blocked. When you are sure it’s safe to use the unknown file, you can manually verify the action and unblock the file/program, etc. You can also wait for 24 hours. All blocked and unknown files and apps are sent to the malware research team and categorized (safe or malicious) in the shortest terms.

Pros and cons of using this software

There are lots of reasons to try this antivirus. For instance, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a lifetime subscription. What’s more, it has a free trial version. Regular updates and a simple interface make it a very alluring option. Needless to mention, it’s a very affordable antivirus solution that also delivers some optimization tools.

On the other hand, there are several drawbacks you need to take into account. They include:

  • A frequently occurring issue when a legit program is blocked as a threat.
  • Some apps will load slower.
  • False positives often appear, too.

As you see, the tactic reminds the saying better to be safe than sorry. The program decides to block everything unknown. The whitelisting technology makes it stand out from the rest. Once the file is proven to be safe, it’s listed as safe.

Other useful tips about PC Matic for Mac

Firstly, you must realize it’s not a simple antivirus program. It comes with optimization tools to boost your PC performance as well.

If you have non-Mac OS devices, you can download versions for Windows and Android. Even the simplest subscription plan will cover up to 5 devices. When you need antivirus for your business, you can get a plan which supports up to 125 devices.

The results of the test from independent labs can be conflicting. Not so many labs have actually tested the program. Moreover, some aspects (like the RAP test) can bring 100% detection ratings while others score poorly. For instance, when the AV-Comparatives tested it, the software has perfect results detecting zero-day threats but also blocked over 800 legit programs.

Scanning options also differ from the rest. First of all, because it doesn’t only scan for malware but performs defragmentation and a search for performance issues. As a result, you get color-corrected results with colors like green, grey, red, purple, yellow, etc. 

The Verdict

In conclusion, PC Matic for Mac is an unusual antivirus solution that has some conflicting reviews. When making a choice, you should rely on objective information and compare it to your needs/preferences/expectations.

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